Superhero Party Bag

Superhero Party Bag C

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These Superhero party bags are perfect for all the little Superheroes attending the party and are packed with toys especially packed selected to keep them busy...

Superhero Party Bag 

1 x Superhero Puzzle
1 x Superhero Sticker Sheet
2 x Superhero Tattoos
2 x Sherbet Straws
2 x Superhero Colour Me Finger Puppets
4 x Mini Colouring Pencils
1 x Window Walker
1 x Superhero Glider
1 x Superhero Ring


All items will be placed in a Superhero party bag.
All suitable for ages 3+
Please note the colour of the toys and books vary and they are selected at random when party parcels are packed and on the rare occasion that filler may be unavailable we will replace with an alternative for the same value that would suit the specific bag.