Personalised Hen Party Bag - 'Maid of Honour'

Personalised Hen Party Bag - 'Maid of Honour'

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Personalised Hen Party Bag - 'Maid of Honour' 

Perfect to get the hens clucking!
 The personalised sticker has the Bride to be's name and the date and/or location of the Hen Party.. You will be contacted for this info once an order is placed :)


1 x 'Maid of Honour' sash

1 x 'Hen Party' head boppers

1 x Fluffy whistle necklace

1 x 'Caution... Hen Party' balloon

1 x 'Warning... Hen Party Member' badge

1 x Willy glow stick

1 x Princess Crown DIY kit 

2 x 'Hen Party' poppers

1 x 'Warning... Hen Party' necklace shot glass

3 x Dare cards

1 x Wand

1 x Lip whistle

1 x Pack of mini love hearts

 All the above will be placed in a pink paper bag with handles (22cm x 19cm).

Each bag will have a personalised sticker with '[Bride's name] Hen Party' and the date. Please email us after you order to confirm the details with us.